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A little of this, a little of that.

You know that fall or winter has arrived when you or your kids start to get sick.  The two oldest woke up Monday morning and looked like they had been hit with a bus.  A few hours and a trip to the doctor later, we came home with a flu diagnosis, a respiratory infection, and Tamiflu for all 4 because of the immune issues in a few of them. It has been the longest of weeks.  Lots of tissues, emailing teachers, talking to their school nurses, and all that entails.  The house looks like it has been turned upside down, so I'm home today to get that remedied, along with catching up on laundry, studying (I'm in school full time), and one getting their cast off today. Some weeks are a breeze and some weeks leave you feeling weary and worn out.  This is one of those weeks that there is extra concealer and coffee.  Isn't it funny though that as mothers, we just do it.  We do it all and don't ever expect anything in return.  I often find if funny that those that don't have chi

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